I showed my boss a much cheaper way to get music for our corporate in-house training and other video productions. We used to get lame standard music fare until we branched out to source our music through more online outlets. There are a lot of creative musicians out there that are not famous but who have great music for sale. I found one website with instrumentals for sale that we use a lot. They have modern music that really helps keep our younger audiences engaged. I like rhythms that people start to tap their feet too in meetings.

I watch the audiences while the videos we make play. I get feedback from their body language. I note when people sigh, yawn, look at their phones or watches or stretch. We have video presentations where the audiences sit upright toward the front of their seats like they are watching an action movie. When the music plays, I see toes tapping out the rhythms. Anything you can do to keep them focused on the screen helps them to stay engaged with the content. Sometimes we have some very boring content to cover, so we do it in exciting ways.

We use music to wake up the audiences and keep them alert for the presentations. No long and boring lecture material on old videos here. We keep our training content fresh and engaging. People are learning without even realizing they are learning. We mix ultra-high-definition video with stellar graphics and great music. All of our presentations are rehearsed too. We do not have any dry spots or embarrassing mistakes. We use dynamic speakers and keep the viewers attention better than Saturday morning cartoons used to keep my attention when I was a child. I credit a lot of the success to the great instrumentals for sale that we buy online for the music.

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