I knew that my wife and I would need to buy a home here in Colorado before we moved our family here. It is hard enough on kids to move during a school year, but we did not want them to have to move to an apartment and then to a house. We decided the best thing we could do would be for me to move here while my wife looked online at luxury real estate for Greenwood Village CO. That way, the kids could finish their school year before moving.

I was able to get an apartment with a four month lease, and my wife and kids came out once a month for several days. On these days, we would all look at the houses that my wife had marked as potential homes. The first dozen or so were just not anything we liked as a whole. However, on her last trip out here, we found the one we wanted to live in. We all went to look at in person, just as we had done with the other homes. This one felt different though. Even before we went in, the family living on the far side of the house came out to say hello, which really meant a lot.

When we walked through the rooms, there was not a single thing that we disliked about any of them. We were all excited that we actually have our own library, and there is a home office big enough for several desks so we can all share it too. The kids had gone outside to look at the yard while my wife and I finished looking at all the rooms. When we went outside, they were already friends with the two boys who live next door. That is how we knew that this was the right place!

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