The outfits that I find in the stores around me look like they’re made for people in their old age. I’m sure if I were sporting gray hair, I would be into those kinds of outfits, but I’m not. I want something more fitting of my age. I started buying clothes from Clubwear online boutiques and never looked back. Although the clothes are shipped to me rather than being taken home with me on the same day, the wait for them isn’t that long, and I’m getting exactly what I want, instead of something that I wouldn’t want to buy if I was desperate.

Since summer has come, I bought some bikinis from the online store. I’m going to go to the beach and have some fun in the sun, once I’ve gotten my body into shape. I have a few areas of fat here and there that need to be eliminated. I don’t want to pay for liposuction or some other kind of expensive treatment, so I’ll just lose weight the old fashion way, with diet and exercise. It may take longer than the other methods, but it’s more affordable, and doesn’t involve any trips to the doctor.

My brother has a birthday coming up and I think he could use a nice new outfit. The online store has a good selection of things for men and women, and my brother likes to look cool, even though he really isn’t. He always has some kind of line that he can practice on the ladies, but they aren’t falling for any of that. Maybe one day he’ll change and become the kind of person who wears a suit and tie all the time. That probably won’t happen for another 40 years, but there’s always hope that it will happen sooner.

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