When it will come to Asian Pores and skin Lightening, Pharmaclinix is the main supplier of skin care solutions. They present a wide range of solutions to address a lot of difficulties that have an affect on Asian skin like hyperpigmentation. For hyperpigmentation in individual, the Lightenex range presents harmless and productive skin lightening.

How do Pharmaclinix Products and solutions Get the job done?

Pharmaclinix delight themselves on the simple fact that their solutions only include by natural means derived ingredients. The key energetic component in their solutions is Kojic Acid. Kojic acid is derived from Japanese mushrooms (Koji) and is effective by inhibiting the enzymes that stimulate melanin output in the skin.

Confront Product or Physique Lotion?

Pharmaclinix Lightenex Product (£39.ninety nine for 50ml) is designed for use on the experience and must be applied to the afflicted locations, early morning and night, and followed up with a significant aspect sunshine screen (these types of as Pharmaclinix Moisturix SPF twenty five) for greatest final results. Simply because the product is effective to gradual down the output of melanin in the skin, it can take up to 8 months ahead of you get started to see final results with this product so it is vital to be consistent with it.

Lightenex Physique Lotion (£49.ninety nine for 250ml) utilizes a a little bit diverse formula that is tailor-made to get the job done on the rest of the overall body in which the skin cells are a little bit diverse from the types on the experience. The overall body lotion includes SPF fifteen while with the experience product, individual sunshine safety must be made use of. Once more, the product must be made use of continuously, early morning and night, for greatest final results.


o Contains no hydroquinone, only by natural means derived solutions

o No described facet outcomes

o Also is effective on hyperpigmentation induced by contraceptives or medications

o Contains moisturising ingredients these types of as shea butter, glycerin and aloe vera

o Body lotion includes sunshine safety


o Can take up to 8 months to get started to see final results

o More high priced than some above the counter lightening creams

o Separate sunshine safety desired with the experience product

What Shoppers Say?

Many buyers have described that this product is effective well to fade freckles and dark marks, clean the skin and give a typical nutritious glow.

Other buyers that have not had accomplishment with the product commonly complained about not observing any final results. It is vital to bear in mind that mainly because of how the product is effective, it can take a few of months to get started observing final results.

Overall Verdict

Whether or not you decide on the overall body lotion or experience product, Pharmaclinix Lightenex is a harmless and productive skin lightening product though it may well take some time of consistent use to see final results. If you want to lighten your skin properly and slowly and you have Asian or darker skin, this may well be the product for you but if you want to see a lot quicker final results, there may well be solutions that are much better suited to your demands.


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