I have no idea how kids today cram all the knowledge they need to be in their heads before graduation that then leads to university studies. I look back on my years in school and think that my head would explode. However, I come from the era when we did not have home computers or cell phones. I had to cram extra math knowledge that software takes care of nowadays. Have you ever used a slide rule? I did not think so! We helped our son and daughter with getting physics tuition for Singapore students that need a boost in grades in the science of physics.

The word covers a lot of stuff in the world of science. I mean you have everything from quantum dynamics (particle physics) to the laws such as the laws of thermodynamics. Ever use a lever to lift an object? Yes, some car jacks are based on the same principle. If so, then you used physics to do it. Physics crosses over into many disciplines. If you are a programmer of software that does things such as computing how a car will take crash forces or if a wing will support an airplane in flight, then you need to know physics in order to do that.

Physics equations can become very complicated. Getting a boost in understanding fundamentals and the trouble areas that are common to many students can help improve grades immensely. Our son and daughter jumped up two full grades after they completed getting their physics tuition for Singapore students struggling with the science.

There is a lot to learn in physics. Biology is biology but physics covers so much stuff one can get lost in learning just the basics. I think pretty much every student should get a little extra help the schools are just not providing to students who have to navigate the complicated field of study to get a passable grade.

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