A FitTeam Healthy Stick is a proprietary mix of organic substances that you can pour into h2o or mix into a consume of your alternative, producing it seriously quick to use on the go.

The product or service is organic, non-gmo, gluten-cost-free, lactose-cost-free, soy-cost-free, kosher, and vegan helpful. It incorporates some mix of the following substances: green tea, l-theanine, garcinia cambogia, cayenne pepper, five-htp, caffeine anhydrous, citrus aurantium, grapefruit seed extract, blueberry powder, b-twelve, and niacin.

The marketed rewards are that it might help give improved electricity, increased fat decline, increased mental aim, antioxidant rewards, temper enhancement, urge for food command, blood glucose command, and enhanced fat fat burning capacity.

If you study all of the above you might realize that extremely few bits of the product or service information and facts actually differentiate from all the other products out there, in reality, it all sounds fairly substantially the similar.

For this evaluate I want to take a look at 4 principal components of what seriously can make the variation in a health and fitness nutritional supplement: uniqueness, ease of use, performance, and side consequences.

Prior to I give you an assessment of each of individuals components based on the exploration I did, equally on-line and offline, I have to position out that I am in no way condition or type to give any lawfully qualified health care tips and that this evaluate is just my view.


We have all read the “all natural” pitch in excess of and in excess of yet again as it really is speedily getting an advertising trend. The words and phrases all-natural are not outlined and could pretty much necessarily mean anything at this position.

The place this product or service is distinctive is that it is Organic, Kosher, and Vegan Pleasant. Obtaining just one of these attributes can make the product or service distinctive adequate but to have all three of individuals attributes in a single product or service can make the product or service a scarce commodity.

Currently being cost-free of soy, lactose, GMOs and gluten is extremely typical issue, so I do not locate individuals specifics fairly outstanding as individuals are almost the default placing for any nutritional supplement.

Ease of Use

I have made use of a great deal of other dietary supplements. Some of them are in capsule type, powder type, or even consume type. The Healthy Stick is seriously large up on my record for ease of use.

The packaging by itself is extremely smaller and since it really is not pre-blended into a consume you can just obtain a h2o bottle wherever you go and mix oneself a consume at anytime with relative ease.

There are no products to take and it is not a messy procedure. For ease of use I locate this product or service surpasses a great deal of the other products I have made use of.


Let us just be truthful in this article, the product or service will come with a suggested meal program that focuses on reducing carbs and calorie restriction. While it incorporates known fat burning capacity boosting substances such as green tea and caffeine, the performance of individuals natural substances is nominal by themselves.

This is not a miracle get rid of, even if it burns off an added ten% of the calories you try to eat, it will not help save you from large in excess of consuming as you will just conclusion up gaining fat slower or not shedding.

Nonetheless, almost all dietary supplements propose a calorie limited diet program, so I are not able to knock way too a lot of points off for performance. Some of the client testimonials reveal that they’ve lost as substantially as ten lbs in the initially five times, a few of which I have individually verified, but I consider individuals results can be achieved by a lot of other dietary supplements as effectively when put together with exercising and calorie reduction.

Side Results

There usually are not seriously any worthwhile negative side consequences out of the regular unless you have a health care issue or adverse reaction though using this product or service.

The volume of caffeine for each serving is about 50 percent of what is in a can of soda and there is certainly some niacin in the product or service which has been known to bring about your face to flush, but there is very little seriously in it that has any confirmed negative side consequences.


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