I gave up cigarettes nearly a year ago. I was not successful at first, because I was so worried about gaining weight. My aunt quit cold turkey, but she also gained 40 pounds that she never lost. I did not want that to be my story also. I looked at some alternatives to smoking to see what I would be able to do so I would not eat a lot of junk and candy every time I wanted a cigarette. Someone told me to do a search for a Hollywood Florida vape shop called Taft Smokes, and that is where I found the answer I had been looking for.

Prior to buying my first starter kit from this online store, I had never thought to try electronic cigarettes or anything to do with vaping. To be honest, I did not know that much about it as none of my friends had tried it either. That is definitely changed now, because I couldn’t not share with my smoking friends how neat and cheap it was to vape instead of to smoke. It helps that there were starter kits that I was able to buy for a great price.

There were different ones, but it did not take me long to pick out the one that I wanted. It was actually cheaper than a carton of name brand cigarettes, but the nice part is that it will last a lot longer too. That is not even the best part of it though. There are so many different types of juice that a person can buy. There are some serious flavors that mimic what a smoker is used to, but I rather like the fun flavors like cotton candy and strawberry shortcake. So, this is healthier, it is cheaper, and it tastes better. Who wouldn’t switch because of that?

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