I knew I needed bee removal in Scottsdale AZ after I went up to the attic to store a few items and heard a noise I haven’t heard in years. Further investigation, in a very careful manner, confirmed that I had some unwelcome visitors in the house. The visitors were bees and there were a lot of them up there. They had a huge honeycomb nest and I beat my feet out of the attic very quickly. This was a problem that needed an immediate solution, so I went online and found a removal service who would come out immediately.

The problem with bees here in Arizona is that we don’t get the lazy looking bumble bees most of us know about. The bees down here are killer bees and they’re very aggressive and downright dangerous. I’m pretty certain I’ve read about a few people getting killed after an unfortunate encounter with a nest of these killers. Since I have a couple of small children, I didn’t want to wait around for a tragedy. I gave the pest removal service a call and they promised to send someone out right away to deal with our unwanted intruders.

The great thing about this firm is they’ve got a lot of experience and use natural solutions to deal with pests. There are no smelly or dangerous chemicals that will linger in your house for days after they get done, and they also know how to get rid of the entire nest. That last point is important because you don’t want pounds of honey left in your house since it will rot, smell, and also cause damage to your home. So they went up there, did their magic, and got rid of the problem in its entirety. I just hope we don’t have this problem again!

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