When I realized that the father of my child had no intention of taking care of his daughter or being a good parent with me, I knew that I needed to do something to try to get ahead with money quickly. I had a job at a local retail store, but that wasn’t enough. I quickly set up a free website online to start selling the products that I make, and then I began looking for affordable SEO services for small businesses that sell through websites. I had read several online articles that explained what I needed to do, and I was ready to do whatever was necessary to make sure that my online site succeeded.

Unfortunately, I have not done that well when it comes to relationships with men. I tend to go for the tough guys that aren’t very nice, and that is exactly the type of person my daughter’s father is. I ignored too many red flags with him. Thankfully, after realizing that I needed to start making more money and find another place to live, friends stepped up and invited my daughter and I to move in with them. I may not know how to pick men very well, but I do know how to pick wonderful friends.

I decided to keep my retail job at first. I knew that I could work outside of the house easily while she attended school daily. I spent time with her every night when I came home from work. After she went to bed each night, I made sure to work on processing orders that came in through my website and boxing up products to mail out to customers. I soon found that I no longer needed to keep my day job thanks to my new online business doing so well.

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