My friends used to tell me how jealous they would get that I could go out in public without wearing a bra if I wanted to, and no one would be any wiser about it. That is one of those situations where the grass really is greener on the other side, because I hated the fact that I could do that. If I was a runner, I might have appreciated my smaller stature much more. Unfortunately, I’m not. When a friend asked me does breast enhancement cream work after we were talking about this one day, I had to admit that I did not know.

I have heard of different products that help breasts grow, but I never checked any of them out because they just did not make sense to me. I use lotion on my hands every day, but the only thing it does is moisturize them. I didn’t see how a breast cream would do anything beyond that. I am so glad she asked me that question though because it got me thinking, and I decided that I wanted to find out the answers to those questions.

That is how I found myself online, looking at a site about breast enhancement products. I really appreciated this site because it is unbiased and honest. They have nothing to gain by promoting one product over another. When I read how the creams work, I was intrigued even more. I had no idea that they mimic hormones, which is exactly what makes a woman’s breasts grow naturally. I decided to try one of the products that had a really high rating, and within months, I was convinced that these creams really do work. How can I be so sure? I can no longer go out in public without wearing a bra!

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