I needed to know how to create a successful CV because the one I had been using was not getting me anywhere. I had applied to a lot of different jobs, but I had not heard anything back from even a single one. I knew that I needed to do something about this, so I talked to one of my cousins who works in an HR department. She handles some of the applications that come through her company, so I knew she would be a good one to get tips from. She is the one who explained to me that only the best CVs get passed through her office.

I showed her my CV, and she told me that it was too plain and boring. She said that it needed to be completely redone, and then she pointed me to a website that she has used in the past so I could get some pointers on how to spice up my CV. As soon as I started reading the tips on this site, I knew instantly why my CV was not getting me noticed. There was just too much information on it, and no one really pays attention when it is like that.

I needed to have all of the relevant information for sure, but I had a lot more than what was needed. I saw where I really went overboard on my training and education details. Some of it was needed, but most I was able to take out. I also organized it so it was more structured, and I took out a lot of words that were just not needed. When I was done following all the tips, I showed it to my cousin. She said she would definitely pass it through then, and another company must have felt the same way because I was called in for an interview with them!

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