The Streetwise 1000K stun gun model is a single of the strongest on the current market. According to the manufacturer, it is capable of administering a one,000,000 volt cost. To maintain the device non-deadly, the amperage is rather very low by layout. It is a rather tall device as it holds a few nine volt batteries. (Considerably less strong stun guns commonly consider a single battery.) It is eight one/4 inches tall, two one/4 inches wide and one one/eight inches thick. The unit’s situation is a matte black plastic as are all stun guns of this mother nature. It attributes a master on-off change and a firing rocker change. This change must be held to fire the gun. After you elevate your finger off the change, the firing stops. Also incorporated is a 130db alarm.

The Streetwise SW1000 attributes a disable pin with loop that you attach to the underside of the device. You place the loop all over your wrist. If an attacker snatches the gun away from you, the pin will pull out of the device and it will be entirely disabled,. That way the attacker are unable to use the gun on you.

Potentially “gun” is a misnomer mainly because this tall rectangular system appears to be like nothing like a gun. Would stun guns be a lot less controversial if they were not called guns at all? Potentially. It should be pointed out that stun guns like this a single fire nothing by means of the air (except a spark amongst its two electrodes). It is not a TASER. The device must be held to the aggressor’s skin or clothing to be efficient. The effects are temporary and non-deadly contrary to a firearm.

As befitting a significant voltage device, this system sports two three/17 inch diameter electrodes rather a bit wider than lesser models. The snapping seem when activated is louder with a much better obvious spark. The intimidation issue is significant. It is recognised that some aggressors will right away flee when confronted with the menacing seem and web site of the arcing electrodes.

This system contains a 130 db alarm which is abnormal in a traditionally shaped stun gun. The alarm button is appropriate underneath the toggle on/fire change for easy accessibility. It is recommended to try out the alarm to start with in an genuine come across as this could be sufficient to scare off your enemy.

In summary the Streetwise SW1000 stun gun is an remarkable significant voltage device. The situation is durable and comes with a nylon holster with belt loop. Installing a few nine volt batteries consider a bit of finagling to match within the device but after in, they keep place. The manufacturer endorses employing name brand name alkaline batteries for dependable overall performance.


Streetwise has now up-to-date the SW1000 to the rechargeable SWT5000R Toucdown model. It attributes the identical tall profile but it has a lot a lot more electricity and a created-in LED flashlight.


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