Before mom came to live with us, we did what we could to conserve resources to save on our bills. Mom needed a lot of care, and our water bill went way up along with our use of electricity. We had to keep the house cooler because of her asthma, and her doctor prescribed a nightly soak for at least 30 minutes in a bathtub of nice warm water. We have an electric hot water heater, so that, along with the AC, raised the electric bill. I needed to find more info on how to save money on our utilities here in Texas.

Mom was on a fixed income recovering from hip replacement surgery after a fall. She lives in a senior living place, but it is not assisted living. She was with us while she was undergoing physical rehabilitation to walk unassisted again. Her asthma has not acted up for years, but she was having a time of it after her surgery. We thought maybe it might have been an aggravating factor of the anesthesia and the time she spent in bed without getting up in the hospital. She had to still pay her bills at her senior apartment, and she was on a fixed income. She could not afford to give us money even though she tried. We refused it telling her we were fine, but we really needed to save some money as our budget was already tight.

I found more info on saving on electricity in Texas by doing a search for lower electric rates in Texas. I found out we were paying a high amount per kilowatt hour. You do not notice it because it is just a few cents per kilowatt hour, but it adds up with a month’s usage. Switching to the lower rate saved us a good amount of money off of our monthly electricity bill.

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