It was not much of a surprise to anyone in the office, because we had all seen the redhead in the green Jaguar XKE. If she and the boss were trying to be discrete they were not very good at it and one day I noticed that there was a Chevy Caprice parked a little bit behind her. I noticed because I thought the guy was a plain clothes police officer, but he was a private detective working for a divorce attorney in Salem MA. The boss seemed to fall apart after he found out that he had been caught, although I suspect that he might not really be the boss that much longer. He is the boss now because his wife’s family says that he is. They own all sorts of things and this is just one of them, but it is a fairly important one and they are not going to keep him around if he does not come to Thanksgiving dinner with the rest of them.

At any rate I am laying in bed one night and it must be about three in the morning. The phone started to ring and you always know that it was not good when that happens. You think about what sort of terrible thing could happen and I suspected that it was my younger brother. He gets into trouble on occasion, just like a lot of young men his age do when they are single and they like to have a good time. It was my boss instead and he was clearly wasted. It took me quite some time to figure out it was him and what he wanted from me. In fact I had to go and get him from this bar. He had no clue where his car was and it was just as well.

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