With the impending arrival of the New Futura condo buildings in District 9, I am feeling better about Singapore’s future as an international city that is inviting and welcoming to all peoples from around the world. I have lived in this city for decades and for most of that time, it seemed like not a lot changed. Hard to believe looking around now that Singapore was pretty much a backwater for a long time after its founding. It wasn’t until Lee Kwan Yew came along and helped Singapore become independent that what we know as modern Singapore came into being.

Hard to believe this place was no better than a third world country for ages and then suddenly it became the sprawling metropolis we know and love today. I remember some of the problems of the early transition. Yew turned it all around. But even the early modern Singapore had some ugly tendencies. The buildings were for the most part spartan and uninspiring. It’s only been in the last several decades that we started to see some imaginative architecture begin to spring up. That’s why New Futura seems like a good idea to me.

They are planning some very intriguing ideas with these condos. For example, they want to put trees and various types of foliage inside the building! They want a sky garden in the upper reaches of the building so that residents can take a break from the hustle of the city and enjoy some natural peace and quiet. I think their ideas are a magnificent development here and I hope it not only goes forward but inspires everyone else here in the real estate business to get rid of the old drab buildings and create architecture that is beautiful, inspiring, and leads to a skyline that is truly breathtaking to behold.

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