I’m a part time helper in Singapore, and have been for about three months, and I strongly believe I’m employed at the best company in town for this type of work. I graduated from college last year and needed to find a job while I tried to parlay my degree into full time work. I have a few friends who refuse to take work they think is beneath them, now that they have credentials, but they’re having a tough time moving into a career. I’m in the same boat, but I’m always willing to keep working no matter what because that is what you do.

I did pass on a few part time jobs because I thought the company wasn’t worth working for and also the pay didn’t seem that great. By the time I thought about becoming a part time helper at the cleaning company, I’d spent about a month looking for something to do. I’m glad I accidentally stumbled over this company. I actually overhead one of my mother’s friends mention them because they were preparing to move and hired the company to come in and get their condo cleaned up so they could get their security deposit back.

Why didn’t I think about working at a cleaning company? No idea, but I went online and looked up the company and learned they were indeed hiring people. I made an appointment and went in for an interview and got hired the next day. I’ve been working with them for some time and I must say I love this job and I love the company. The people I work with are top notch individuals as well. I’m actually planning on keeping this as a second job even when I do pull in that full time job. That’s how much I like working here.

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