I was not sure if I wanted to get a condo or a house when I decided to relocate. I knew that I could easily afford either, and both had a certain appeal to me. I decided that the only way I would figure this out would be to look at both and see if one jumped out at me. I wanted to look at King West condos first because my last residence was a condo, and I just really enjoyed living there. The reason I was undecided was because I just did not know if I was ready to be a homeowner with a nice piece of land with it.

After looking at several in the King West area, I knew that I had my heart on a condo after all. I came across quite a few that are really nice, and I decided to book an appointment to see three of them. One is a single bedroom unit, but it has eight rooms altogether, so I knew that it would be big enough for me. The other two each have two bedrooms each, and each one has a certain appeal about it.

I am single with no children, so I knew that any of the three would be good for me. I sometimes have overnight guests, but even the one bedroom condo would work out great because of the extra rooms. I could easily convert one of them into a guest bedroom, and that is exactly what I did. While the two bedroom condos were great, the one bedroom one just had so much charm and personality to it. I was drawn to it from the pictures I had seen, and that was amplified when I toured it in person. That is why I am now the proud owner of it!

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