When my wife came home from work one night years ago, she brought home a puppy. I was surprised to learn that puppy would grow up to be about three times the size of most dogs because she is a Great Dane. She used to become very scared during thunderstorms, though. We just found a solution for that recently after we bought her a Thundershirt for Great Dane dogs. It has made her much happier. We live in Seattle where it rains a lot. My wife and I always love listening to the low, rolling thunder that we hear outside, but our dog did not like it at all. That has changed now.

When I learned that our new puppy would grow into an adult dog that would have the ability to stand up and almost be as tall as my wife, I marveled at watching our little dog grow. I had always seen her breed from time to time, but had never had anything but mutts before. I quickly got online to learn about how to take care of her breed, what kind of temperament they usually have and anything else I could learn. It made for a lot of interesting reading, and it helped us to take better care of her.

When we figured out that our dog was scared of thunderstorms, we tried our best to calm her. We tried petting her and talking to her in soothing tones. We tried holding her until things were more quiet outside. Nothing worked. But then one day, my neighbor suggested that we get her a Thundershirt, which looks like a little coat that dogs wear and it helps to reduce their anxiety. We found that it really works. She’s very calm and relaxed now each time it rains. We put it on her every time it starts raining.

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